Visitation Procedures

1. A visitation schedule and general visitation procedures and information will be displayed in the jail lobby through digital signage capabilities. These procedures are also printed in the inmate handbook and inmates should make themselves aware of these rules. All visitors and inmates will be required to adhere to the following regulations at all times during visitation. Small children under the age six that is the children of the inmate may also be included in the visit.

2. A copy of a visitation schedule will be printed at the beginning of each shift by the front jail lobby clerk and distributed to the watch commander, housing Corporal, Classification, and both tower control officers.

3. A maximum of two adult visitors will be permitted to visit an inmate at any one time. Visits with inmates are limited to three 25-minute visits in a 7 day calendar week, unless otherwise approved by the Watch Commander or his / her designee.

4. Visitors will not be allowed to take any items back with them to the visitation stations. All visitors will be instructed to leave all of their personal belongings with members of their party not visiting, or in their vehicles. Jail staff will not assume responsibility for any property or personal belongings of visitors.

5. Visitors must be appropriately dressed in order to visit with an inmate of this facility. Clothing of a revealing nature such as tank tops, halter tops, short skirts and shorts, swim wear, see through clothing, sleep wear, or any other clothing deemed unacceptable will not be permitted. Final authority rests with the Watch Commander as to what is determined to be appropriate.

6. All visitors and inmates will be required to display appropriate behavior during their visitation. Visitors who appear to be under the influence of intoxicants or conduct themselves in an unruly manner will not be permitted to visit.

7. Children under the age of 17 will be required to be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while in the Jail. If, in the event a child becomes unruly, the parent / guardian will be required to remove the child from the visitation area until appropriate behavior is again displayed. Jail staff will not be permitted to supervise children under any circumstances.

8. Visitors will be required to submit to a search of their person and their belongings by Jail staff if warranted. Searches may be conducted by electronic devices, physical pat down, or a combination thereof. Failure or refusal to submit to this procedure will result in a denial of visitation. Any incident involving denial of visitation will be noted on the visitation log and the Watch Commander will be notified.

9.The visitation stations will be checked by a member of the Jail staff before and after each visit (both visitor and inmate booths). Any damage found will be reported to the Watch Commander and criminal and/or disciplinary action may be taken.

10. Upon the assignment of an inmate to the housing unit, the classification unit will assign the initial visitation to the inmate once the proper visitor information is received. No visit will be scheduled less than 24 hours in advance.

11. Once the initial visit is completed with the inmate, all subsequent visits will be scheduled by jail lobby personnel as prescribed in the above visitation schedule.

12. Inmates that wish to add a visitor to the list shall first submit the request to the classification unit. 1 addition may be added per month being submitted on the last Sunday of each month. Once a new visitor is added, the old visitor will be taken off.

13. Visitor(s) that wish to visit and inmate that is not on the inmate visitation list shall make their request to the classification unit.